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S&W Pineapple Chunks in Syrups 567gS&W Pineapple is hand-picked and packed on the same day,every time.Guaranteed! And because our pineapple is always at the peak of ripeness,we lock in its sweet taste and nutrients.Ingredients-Pineapple,Clarified Pineapple Juice,Water,Sugar, and Acidity Regulator(Citric Acid)Nutrition InformationServing size- 140 gServings per container- 4Energy- 112 kcalProtein-0 gTotal Fat- 0 gCholesterol- 0 mgTotal Carbohydrates-27.2 gDietary Fiber- 1.4 gSugars- 23.7 gSodium- 0 mgCalcium- 15 mgPotassium- 112 mgMagnesium- 1 mgVitamin C- 14 mgMade in PhilippinesDirection for use- refrigerated unused portion in plastic container or glass jar.use within 2-3days