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RIOBA Coffee Beans 80/20 Gold 1kgRioba understands coffee and everything that comes with it. This way we make something special out of every cup of coffee. We select the very best ingredients. The result: indulgence with coffee, with 100% taste. Rioba is exclusively available at METRO.Coffee Rioba in beans 80/20 (Gold) is the most valuable and sophisticated mixture created from the grains of selected Arabica from Brazil, Central America and India. The caffeine content in the beverage is less than 1.9%. It is Roasted whole bean coffee and packaged under protective atmosphere- Coffee Variety : 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta- Origin : Central America and the high ground of Costa Rica- Flavour : A blend of intense aroma, combining the acidity of the most prized varieties of Arabica bean and the characteristically soft Central American coffee flavour, united with the full-bodied richness of washed Indian RobustaOnce opened, store tightly sealed in the refrigerator, so that the flavor remains balanced and fresh