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RIOBA Coffee Beans 55/45 Silver 1kgRioba understands coffee and everything that comes with it. This way we make something special out of every cup of coffee. We select the very best ingredients. The result: indulgence with coffee, with 100% taste. Rioba is exclusively available at METRO.Coffee Rioba in beans Espresso Silver is an exclusive blend from the collection of the famous Italian brand. It is Roasted whole bean coffee and packaged under protective atmosphereIt includes selected varieties of Arabica and Robusta in a ratio of 55% to 45%.Raw materials for production come from the plantations of India and Africa, which contributes to the creation of a drink with a completely unique character.Coffee of Riboba in grains Espresso Silver has an average roasting and is characterized by a soft and harmonious taste, so it is suitable for making coffee cocktails that are served chilled.Once opened, store tightly sealed in the refrigerator, so that the flavor remains balanced and fresh