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President Camembert 12 x 250gPresident Camembert is a soft cow's milk cheese with a velvety edible rind, famously made in France.Each round of our President Camembert has a buttery smooth texture and earthy, mushroom flavor that intensifies as it ages.Products  Specification Camembert Cheese Made from Cow’s Milk Fat Contain – 24.26% (per 100g) Cholesterol – 7% (per 100g) Country of Origin France Shelf Life 3 weeks Storage Condition 2 to 4 Use for Cooking/Bread/Wine Can you consume cheese while being on a diet?Yes you can! To lose weight, it is recommended to reduce the intake of fats, but it is also important to consume some amounts of fats in your diet. It is also necessary to ensure the intake of vitamins and minerals. Cheese is a very good form of protein and a source of calcium for your dietary needs. You just have to limit your intake to 2 thin dairy products for your daily requirements, without worrying about over-consumption!