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Mazza GranRisparmio Mushrooms Boletus Edulis 70% Tin 790gMushrooms very well known and easy to find, because their family looks very good in deciduous forests. These mushrooms are very crispy and have a delicate taste great for appetizers and side dishes.- Net weight : 790g- Once opened, the product, store it in the refrigerator covered by its preserving liquid and consume it within five days.Ingredients : Mushrooms "Boletus edulis" 70%, sunflower oil, salt, sugar, taste enhancer : monosodium glutamate, onion, pepper, garlic, parsley, extract of levature, flavourings, acidity corrector : citric acid, antioxidant : ascorbic acid. May contain traces of celery and sulfur dioxide.Nutrition FactsAverage Nutritional values for 100g of product46 kcal - Energy2.9g     - Fat0g     - Of which saturates2.0g   - Carbohydrate1.0g     - Of which sugars3.0g     - Protein2.0g         - Salt