M Aluminium Foil Wrapping 18" 30cmx7.5m 1pc_ Order by Piece

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M FOIL is the aluminium foil applying for bake, roast, grill and BBQ foods and bakery. It is easy to use.Durable heavy duty aluminum foil roll.Cover, preserved food in order to make it last long and avoid any contamination.Ideal for storing food and reheating it in the near future since aluminum foil can withstand high temperatures.Very resistant using aluminum foil to package your food helps to seal in the odor. Do line baking pan with M FOIL to avoid sticky food. It is easy to clean up the pan. Used for wrapping food and vegetable for baking. Do line the floor or tree basket with M FOIL for those plants that need more sunlight. M FOIL can reflect to the sunlight. Can't be used in microwave oven and to store high acid food such as vinegar, fruits, pickle, etc.