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These series of ham are square mould formed, to create a regular shape of rectangular or square.Hind pork leg or shoulder piece as used, allow a difference texture of ham, to be enjoyed, high meat content is give its superior quality taste too.Such bulk roll hams, can be machine sliced to preferred thickness over the sales counter or according to kitchen use needs. This flexibility is good for creative use of the ham, and retain product freshness longer, as unused part can be vacuum packed again.Beside the usual usage as toppings, we suggest to have the ham cube-cut as cocktail snacks with olives, or serve as cold-cut platter if needed. Shoulder Ham 4" x 4"- 3.5 kg Packaging size: 3.5 kg/ no x 2 nos/ ctn CTN SIZE EXT( L x W x H): 384 x 211 x 123 mm Shelf Life: 12 months Packing Condition: Frozen Bulk Roll (Keep Chilled at 1-4 degree Celsius. Once opened, consume within 3 days.)