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We select the premier pork cuts to blend with our unique blend of spices, which capture honey input of its sweetness and fragrancy for such ham products .In bulk roll form, the ham can be thickly cut to be pan-grilled as steak ham, and best coupled with your favourite sauce, and some greens as a completed meal option.We also recommend that the bulk roll ham to be cube-cut, as salad, pasta toppings, for the mouth bite feel and texture of the ham can be enjoyed full this way. For those who prefer to have white lean meat, the Chicken ham will the 1st choice pick, which offer the healthier meat option.As for the Kelly’s sliced ham, they are pre-sliced to cater to the convenience of café and restaurant sandwich making, and similarly , can be further strip-cut , or triangular cut for pizza and salad toppings, or for bun / bread making.Honey Baked Chicken Ham, 110mm - 2 kgPackaging Size: 2kg/no x 2 nos/ ctnCTN SIZE EXT( L x W x H) : 290 x 220 x 110 mmShelf Life: 12 monthsPacking Condition: Frozen Bulk Roll(Keep Chilled at 1-4 degree Celsius. Once opened, consume within 3 days.)