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The iconic croissant: a beautiful golden colour, crisp, moist, and meltingly smooth, with a final note of caramel. The Eclat du Terroir croissant is one of a kind.In creating Eclat du Terroir, Bridor has reinvented the croissant at a time when butter content is out of all proportion.Butter remains an important ingredient, but Eclat du Terroir croissants derive their unique flavour from an original soaking technique and re imagined production methods. In this way butter enhances rather than dominates flavourBridor offers a wide variety of breads to meet the needs of all professionals and customers. Storage condition :Store at -18°C or below before use. DO NOT REFREEZE ONCE THAWED. Butter Type :Beurre Charentes-Poitou (PDO) Allergens :Cereals containing gluten,Milk,soya,Possible traces of eggs,Possible traces of nuts. Allegations :Suitable for vegetarians/Halal certified