METRO CHEF Cheddar ချိစ့်ထည့်ထားသော Jalapenos ငရုတ်သီး ၁ ကီလိုထုပ်

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Green Jalapeno chilli pods halves filled with cheddar cheese, breaded. Product of Germany  Cream cheese 22%, Jalapeno Chilies 20% No Artificial flavors Appearance : white cheese, filled in green chili pepper halve, coated with a red bradding  Texture : outside (crispy), inside (soft) Key point : 3mins deep fry in 175’C until golden-yellow and crispy. FDA Approved Storage Condition:-18'C Serving Suggestion:4-5 pcs per potion Recommended for customers:Suitable to use as a snack/finger food/side dish. Metro Chef is the brand for its own food products. Passion, dedication and knowledge come together in this brand. Metro Chef promises very high quality, which meets strict quality requirements.Metro Chef's products are designed, developed and produced in collaboration with professionals. Everything is thoroughly tested by chefs in the test kitchens. Put your dishes together with Metro Chef. From starter to dessert.