M PVC အစားအစာထုပ်ပိုးသော ပလပ်စတစ်အပါး(ဘေးတွင်ဓားသွား ပါ) ၃၀"၃၀စင်တီ အခု အရေအတွက်ဖြင့်မှာယူနိုင်သည်

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M WRAP is a hygienic food wrapping film that is made of a special food grade Polyvinyl Chloride. It is produced using advanced Japanese technology from the Riken Vinyl Industry Co., Ltd. Following the Japanese food wrapping film standards, M Wrap is FDA approved and sold around the world.M Wrap is commonly used in the food industry. It is usually found in retail and catering outlets including; supermarkets, hotels, restaurants as well as home use. M Wrap can also be used in the healthcare and beauty industry as it is sterile and very hygienic.Features: Able to use in both the microwave and freezer: The film will not melt or break under extreme temperatures. Frozen foods wrapped with M Wrap can be immediately put into the microwave to defrost or reheat. Convenient and easy to use: M Wrap grips tight; seals any surface including plates, glasses or ceramic ware. Because of the quality elasticity of the film, it makes it easy to stretch and seal to any food container. Keeps fresh products Hydrated:M Wrap features a proper gas to water vapor transmission ratio that will slow down breathing of fruits and vegetables, thus preventing dehydration. Preserve freshness and keeps taste of fresh foods:M Wrap acts like a second skin barrier, which prolongs the shelf life of fresh foods. It maintains the moisture within the food, while preserving the fresh taste and coloration. Enhances presentation: M Wrap showcases high transparency and a glossy appearance within it’s film. This helps enhance the visual presentation of the food. M wrap Keeps food looking fresher longer, ensuring the best-looking product. Hygienic:M Wrap provides a sterile and hygienic barrier that protects from food smells and bacteria. It ensures that there is no spillage in microwave or refrigerators and keeps your food protected and clean. Home use:Smaller rolls that are presented in a convenient, durable cardboard carton, with a hand-perforated edge for ease of use.Catering use:Suitable for airlines, hotels, bakery shops, restaurants and many more.We can also offer an eco-friendly reusable dispenser along with refill rolls.Industrial use:Intended for retail businesses and manufacturers who require high stretch and high cling. We can also offer an electric hand packer that is up to 45 cm width film. Additionally we have portable plastic boxes for your convenience.