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Metro Myanmar
The meat is reddish in color, full of flavor and rich in healthy fats. Contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals and omega 3 acids.Sea fish is an indispensable ingredient in quality nutrition for people...
K4,000.00 K8,000.00
Metro Myanmar
Its solid, rich and fleshy structure will remain long in your memory. It is also very rich in protein, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids.An endless source of inspiration to gastronomes around the world. Seafood...
Foie gras are made from free-range ducks bred in southwest France and fed on a 100% plant-based diet consisting of locally cultivated GMO-free whole-grain maize. They are manually selected and prepared by specially trained and...
K45,700.00 K100,900.00
Sanger Australia PTY Ltd
The rack is prepared from a side of lamb by removing the forequarter using a straight vertical cut along the rib bone and a horizontal cut along the top of the flap. It contains rib...
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