MMP Myanmar Co. Ltd.
M GLOVES is a hygienic plastic gloves made from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) with guaranteed quality from Japan. It is easy to use as it fits to the hands of user. M GLOVES can not...
K1,430.00 K2,250.00
Prime grade beef is the ultimate in tenderness, juiciness, and flavor as Prime beef is produced from young, well-fed beef cattle. Cube roll sits between the chuck and the striploin (sirloin) muscles over the back of...
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Sanger Australia PTY Ltd
The rack is prepared from a side of lamb by removing the forequarter using a straight vertical cut along the rib bone and a horizontal cut along the top of the flap. It contains rib...
K41,074.10 K65,600.00
Metro Myanmar
The leg bone-in is prepared by the removal of the chump using a right angle cut at the back of the hip bone. A thin layer of fat is generally left on top of the...
K3,900.00 K6,950.00
Metro Myanmar
As a well-exercised muscle,the shoulder boneless netted delivers a tender and flavoursome result when cooked moist,using low and slow methods. The meat is taken from a square cut shoulder,prepared from the forequarter. The bones and...
K3,400.00 K6,150.00
Metro Myanmar
Lamb Tenderloin is prepared from a side of lamb by removing the muscle in one piece from the underside of the shortloin. It has virtually no fat or connective tissue and is one of the...
K4,200.00 K7,500.00
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Foie gras are made from free-range ducks bred in southwest France and fed on a 100% plant-based diet consisting of locally cultivated GMO-free whole-grain maize. They are manually selected and prepared by specially trained and...
Each package contains Farfalle 5kg.Metro Chef is the brand for its own food products. Passion, dedication and knowledge come together in this brand. Metro Chef promises very high quality, which meets strict quality requirements. Metro...
K1,700.00 K16,900.00
Prometeo S.r.l
Cannamela Ginepro Bacche (Juniper Berries) 120x15gPractical to use and able to guarantee optimal conservation of the product over time, the Pet Vase is enriched by a closure with a high service content. It is in...
K400.00 K2,200.00
Prometeo S.r.l
Cannamela Cipolla Fiocchi (Onion Flakes) 18g_ Order by PieceCannamela are born from an accurate manufacturing process that eliminates the water from the products without altering their organoleptic and nutritional qualities. Without the addition of preservatives...
K400.00 K2,500.00
Phoon Huat Pte Ltd.
Redman Flavor Strawberry 510mlSuitable for baking and cooking to enhance the appearance, texture, and flavor in dishes or desserts.Ingredient: proplyne glycol , nature identical flavorStorage: store in a cool and dark place.Shake well before use.Product Origin: Singapore
K18,150.00 K32,200.00

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Each package contains 2.5 kg of Metro Chef black berries, ready for cooking, deep-frozen fruits, processed freshly harvested. Forest fruit of blackberries Processed freshly harvested No preservatives Perfect for summer desserts, pies and cakes Minimum...
Bridor offers a wide variety of breads to meet the needs of all professionals and customers.An irresistible recipe for pure-butter croissant dough, with the sweet taste of confectioner’s custard and chocolate chips. Storage condition :Store...
K300.00 K3,700.00
Each package contains 2.5 kg of Metro Chef broccoli, individually frozen, Deep-frozen broccoli.1. Calibrated product 40-60 mm2. Processed fresh and pre-blanched3. Ready to use Benefits- Shock frozen to preserve the vitamins and nutrients The aroma and...
K4,620.00 K6,800.00
Hiestand Pizza Crust 10.0" (thin) 6x117g This product is produced in the halal certified plant,under hygiene condition complying with GMP.Contain Unbleached Wheat Flour, Water, Vegetable Shortening (Palm Oil, Vitamin E), Salt, Sugar, Baking Powder [Sodium...
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Bridor offers a wide variety of breads to meet the needs of all professionals and customers.A pain au chocolat made exclusively using pure butter, with delicate tastes and exceptional pastry layers, combined with the intense...
Prometeo S.r.l
Mazza Capperi in Aceto Capers Glass Bottle 12x280gCapers grown, harvested, desalted and put in vinegar. It is a product ready for use. Simple and natural product without additives or preservatives. It does not contain aromas...
K800.00 K6,300.00